Refer Sub-affiliates and Earn Extra Cash Boost your monthly income with our sub-affiliate program. Once your sub-affiliates start acquiring new Money Players, you will earn additional revenue from their referral activity.


Earnings are calculated based on the type of commission that your sub-affiliates receive. For example, if your sub-affiliate is paid in CPA, your commission from his activity will also be paid in CPA. If your sub-affiliate is paid in revenue share, your commission from his activity is calculated as a percentage of the revenue generated by his Money Players. This applies even if your commission type is different from your sub-affiliates' commission type.

Revenue Share

Brand Rate 888casino, ReefClub Casino, Casino-on-Net, 888games 4% 888sport, All Bingo Brands 5% :  Casino, Sport, Poker  4% , : Poker, Casino and Sport 4%


Brand Rate 888casino, 888poker, 888 games, reef club casino : Wink Bingo, 888 Ladies, Posh Bingo, Bingo Fabulous, Tasty Bingo, Red Bus bingo,  Bingo Street, Big brother bingo , : Poker, Casino Casino, Sport, Poker

How to Recruit Sub-affiliates

Refer sub-affiliates by inviting friends and colleagues to join you at or promote on your website with one of our creative banners from the Marketing Tools Tab.

Example of Sub-affiliates Earnings:

Let’s imagine that you bring in five new 888casino players this month and earn $100 CPA for each one.

In addition, you refer four new sub-affiliates and they also bring in five players each.

Your monthly earnings look like this:

Segment Commission Type Number of Players Rate Total
Your CPA CPA 5 $100 $500
Revenue from Sub-888affiliates CPA 20 $5 $100
Grand Total



That’s a significant increase in revenue from sub-affiliates commissions!