Top 15 UK marketing guidelines

  1. These bullet points are on top of all other guidelines provided by 888 or covered in the agreement with you.
  2. You must not market our services in a manner which is in violation of applicable UK laws, regulations, executive orders and guidelines. If you are in doubt regarding the compliance of a particular marketing method or material – you must seek our prior approval.
  3. You may only use marketing materials provided to you directly by 888 or that are currently available via our affiliate program portal. You may not use any marketing materials that were not provided to you by 888 or that are not currently available on our affiliate program portal, as these may not be compliant with current legal and regulatory requirements. If you are in doubt regarding specific marketing materials – you must seek our prior approval.
  4. Any marketing materials/banners employed by yourself, must link to the affiliate home/landing pages, as these have been vetted for compliance with the applicable regulations. You may not link directly to registration or download pages.
  5. The Affiliate Websites and marketing materials shall not be designed to appeal to individuals under the age of 18 (by image, by affiliate site name, by game names and wording etc.).
  6. Do not market and promote the 888 Sites in any manner which: (i) portrays, condones or encourages behavior that is socially irresponsible or which can lead to social or emotional harm; (ii) condones or encourages anti-social behavior; (ii) exploits the susceptibilities, aspirations, credulity, inexperience or lack of knowledge of people or vulnerable persons; (iii) suggest or apply peer pressure to gamble or that abstention from gambling is disparaging; or (iv) suggest that gambling can resolve financial problems or that it can make you more attractive etc.
  7. Do not promote the 888 Sites or any websites owned or operated by any of the Group Companies to any person and/or entity by any form of sent communications, which includes but is not limited to email, SMS, WhatsApp, fax and/or post. Affiliates must not use their own data base of persons for this purpose. Affiliate may only promote us via their affiliate site.
  8. All adverts (if they have an offer or not) must have the mandatory logos next to the advert: 18+ and “Be gamble aware” logo [both can be presented also as text near the advertisement].
  9. Begambleaware logo (or text) should be leading to:
  10. Make sure that the marketing communications is not falsely claim or imply that the marketer is acting as a consumer or for purposes outside its trade, business, craft or profession. Marketing communications must make clear their commercial intent if that is not obvious from the context (for example in Blog, social media, comparison table, etc.).
  11. In all advertainment that have an offer (any advertisement, incentive, or reward scheme under which an internet user is offered money, goods or any other advantage) – needs to clearly set out all significant terms and conditions, limitations and qualifications subject to which the benefit is being offered (“sig terms”). These must be displayed on the advert itself, with no need to click in order to see the sig terms.
    • Sig terms can also be presented in “hover” (the player needs to “hover” the advert) if the significant conditions are shown if the player “hover” over any area on the advert (and not hover over specific area of the advert)
  12. If significant time or space restrictions (according to the guidance supplied by 888) - the applicable terms, conditions, qualifications and limitations must be immediately and prominently visible one click away from the relevant advert above the fold;
  13. Full terms of the promotion must always be one click away from the advert (the link should lead to the full terms of the promotion) the full terms page, is managed by 888 and 888 will provide the link to such information (landing page)
  14. If marketing or promoting 888 to any person or entity located in the United Kingdom, you undertake to contact the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (“PIPCU”) at and access the PPCU's Infringing Website List (the "List"). When marketing or promoting the Sites to any person or entity located in the United Kingdom, you must not market and promote the Sites on any website, software, application or portal which appears on the List as may be amended from time to time.
  15. Re SEM activity-
    • All SEM ads must include 18+ and "Play Safe" on first or second description level.
    • Apply age restriction functions available on the advertising platforms;
    • Use negative key words list and categories exclusions, preventing targeting of underage audience. [The negative key words list is Cross industry words enforced by the BGC, Childish games by name, keywords which indicate vulnerability and keywords which relate to children -the list is updated once in a while and must check it and follow it.] – you can find the list - UK industry Keyword black list (