Affiliate A person or organization that chooses to promote our brands to their players in return for financial remuneration and support.
Banner An electronic advertisement or billboard such as an animated GIF, Flash movie or JPG that advertises our products.
Bonus Codes Specially created code that links an affiliate to a customized bonus deal.
Brand Group A number of brands that share the same operator. So, for example, 888casino, 888ladies, 888sport and 888poker are a brand group as they share the same operator – 
Clicks The number of unique clicks of banner and links per 24 hour period according to the visitor’s cookie. If the cookie is deleted / removed or disabled the click will be counted without considering the 24 hour period.
Click-Through Action when a player clicks brand link on an 888affiliate site.
Commission Payment earned by affiliates.
Conversion/Conversion Rate The percentage of registrations to 888affiliates website that turn to new real Money Players.
CPA Cost Per Acquisition – commission type.
Gross Revenue The sum total of all players' losses and/or contribution to all rakes in which they are involved less bonuses, chargebacks, refunds, and processing costs.
Hybrid Model Combined commission type.
ID Number A number that identifies an individual affiliate.
Impressions The number of single instances of a single banner or text link appearance. The number includes only unique impression per 24 hour period according to the visitor’s cookie. If the cookie is deleted / removed or disabled the impression will be counted without considering the 24 hour period.
Incentive An action that may be taken by an enterprising affiliate to attract new players (by prior approval only).
Leads An Internet user who accesses one of the Sites directly through a Link registered with your Tracking Code, opens a new user account and makes the required minimum deposit in such account; Players who received a first money transfer into their account from a third party (such players shall not be counted for payments associated with CPA or progressive gross revenue share schemes); players who migrated to 888 from a white label's former platform and performed a first time deposit via their previous account with the white label partner prior to such migration; and players who have received a bonus based on changing parameters determined by Cassava.
Marketing Tools Marketing materials provided to affiliates for promoting our brands. Made available to registered affiliates through our affiliates program interface and accessed from the 888affiliates website.
Money Player Term used to describe an FTD brought in by an affiliate.
Payment Type; Payment Plan The payment method chosen by the affiliate in order to receive commissions.
Player Affinity The brand that a player enjoys most, e.g. casino, poker, bingo etc.). We retain depositing players for longer and stronger by establishing this affinity and catering to it via relevant bonuses and special promotions.
Revenue Share Commission type.
Sub-Affiliate New affiliate referred to us by existing affiliate.
Super-Affiliate A high-performance affiliate (about 1% of all affiliates).
Tracking Code ID code, provided to affiliates so that they can automatically track their activity. They usually add it to banners, landing pages and links. You can see the progress of your tracking codes in 888affiliates site.
Two-Tier Sub-Affiliate Program Sub-affiliate payment structure.